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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh Boy! How long has it been since I posted?
Yes, there have been some ridiculous moments (see above - and no, it wasn't Halloween), but overall, it's been a slow half of a year... with good reason.

And to my faithful five who will check my blog once in the next five months...
I finally finished my manuscript!

331 pages
95,800 words

Because my blog has a "ridiculous" theme, you can see why you haven't heard from me. Call me crazy, but I don't think you would have enjoyed reading about my wild moments of staring at a Word Document for three hours every day after work. Thus, my blog went dark for six months.

And that's how long it took me to spit out the story swimming around in my brain.

It's a teen novel about a seventeen-year-old girl who chases after an A-list movie star (who's her age) to fix the friendship they had before he was famous.

At the bottom of this post, I've included the first chapter in the spirit of the 19th century authors. Did you know that many books were first printed in magazines -- only a little bit at a time? Take Charles Dickens, for example.

He wrote Oliver Twist from 1837-1839. Each month, he'd publish a little piece of it in a journal called Bentley's Miscellany.

Seriously, I think we all could have tolerated Oliver Twist if it came in monthly installments over a two-year period. :)

Anyway, maybe reading about teen angst is much more tolerable in little installments as well. So without further adieu, jump back to your teenage mentality and suspend your disbelief:



  1. Thanks, AZ! :) I will dig into revisions after I'm not sick of it anymore!

  2. Had a quick read, and really enjoyed it.I'll be back for a leisurely read when things settle here.
    Well done to you for finishing it- adjustments can be made if you see fit, but finishing the first draft is a big thing.

  3. Thanks, Mimi!
    How cool is the internet... that someone in Ireland can read the first chapter of my manuscript? :) I am now officially an internationally known author. Ha ha.