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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ridiculous News

So the news today has been very wild. Not as wild as our win last night over "Back of The Net."Yes, I play on a co-ed soccer league. It's a rec league. See above? Looks leisurely, right? Oh, no. Not when we play against "Back of the Net". Most of the plays usually look like this:
Their team HATES us. That's putting it lightly. It's such ridiculous animosity that it makes me giggle. I'm talking Huhh-ATE. The girls -- we just laugh. The boys? Their chests puff out a little more every time.

And you know what we're playing for? No, not money. No, not trophies. We're playing for t-shirts. That's what we win. And yet, last night, as Sean accidentally slid to the ground, the other team's guy said to him from the sideline, "Why don't you get up, you fat F&%$?" And I had to stop because I started laughing. Sean is all of 100 pounds sopping wet. And as I'm passing and faking and heading the ball, I'm thinking in my head, "If you're gonna insult, then at least be accurate!"

Last time we played them, the monster-sized Brit screamed at the ref (about me): "She's a CHEATER!"
To which I said, "Oh yah? Then that makes you a liar!" I was laughing while I said it, and I'm sure that didn't help my cause.

He does have a great accent. I'll give him that.

So it was the first round of play-offs and in I can't remember how long, we finally beat them. Man, it felt good. Most of them left without shaking our hands after the game. They all need a beer.

Okay, so back to the weird news today: Two articles stand out to me. One made me laugh, the other made me cry. Can you guess which is which?



Comments, anyone?


  1. I was just contacted about modeling for that magazine. Wow, small world.

  2. Yeah, me too. I lost out on the second auditions for not being "raised" enough.