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Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Classroom: Essay Prompt

I recently gave my 10th grade English students a fun essay prompt from the newspaper "L.A. Youth":

Some of us can't wait to grow up. We think about the freedom of not having to follow our parents' rules, living on our own and doing things our way. When do you think you'll be an adult? Is it when you go to college or get a job or start a family? Does it happen automatically when you turn 18? What does it even mean to be an adult? Tell us when you think you'll be one and why.

The truth is I got some great essays. Insightful. Honest. Articulate. But those are no fun to blog about! Instead I will post my FAVE -- the one that will be sure to erupt a chuckle from you. I will only post an excerpt of it, and I will add a translation guide because it has taken me five years to "learn the language."

like = look
are = or
non = known
on = own
wont = want

"When I Become an Adult"

The college I want to go is U.C Santa Barbra there more options for me and
would like better on my resume. when i turn 18 my mom said is going to be shipping me off to the nearest school. She said she`s not going to raise no bum so when I go to college I might g to culinary school since I love food and I can do what I love.

I love to cook and and make money so it would be perfected for me them Im going to got on fox and try out for hells kitchen. are go to Italy and perfect my cooking skills like cooking snails because white people like weird food and like spending money.

Some after Im done with Italy I`m going to come back to America I`m going to
start a family with my model white girl. She might be a gold digger but I wouldn't care because i might be cheating on her with a black girl.

When i get old i wont to be non as a artist and be remember fro my food .And my
on style and be rich for my cooking and host a show call Americans next iron chef

This excerpt doesn't even address the prompt, but hey, he maps out his future while delving into racial culinary desires as well as the philosophical question of whether adultery is justified when a spouse has married for financial gain. Brilliant.


  1. He's got his whole life sewn up, hasn't he?
    Just needs to decide how many children and their names!

  2. First of all, good for him for having a goal.

    Secondly, this essay makes me hurt all over.

    You deserve a raise!