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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Wow, isn't it funny how when hair is attached to someone's head, it's so beautiful, but the second it's not attached, it becomes gross? Like you can run your fingers through it, and it's oh so pretty, but if you find it in your salad, you're ready to puke? Yeah, that's my hair below:

About two years ago, I thought,
I should let my hair grow out and cut it for "Locks of Love", an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. I have had quite a few friends who have donned wigs thanks to that lovely friend called "cancer", but I honestly don't think my thought process was that noble. It was more like Hmm, your hair grows dang fast. You should make a wig or something. Wait a sec....

Trust me, I'm telling you, this wasn't a totally selfless move, because once it got long, I totally fell in love with it, so I kept it.
Yesterday wasn't a significant anniversary of my hair growing venture, and it wasn't a follicular holiday, or a memory of someone's head shaving day. I was just feeling impulsive, so I chopped it off.

Here's the before:
Where'd it all go?
All gone! Mom told me to clean my room before the new year, because there's some Mexican tradition that you are supposed to get everything in order before the New Year (ie throw out old stuff, clean, organize, cut out bad habits). Then on New Year's Day you're supposed to do everything you WANT to do, and that (magically and Mexicanly) will set the tone for what the whole year will be like. I just cut off my hair. Much easier than the bedroom debacle.
Maybe it will magically and Mexicanly signify a year of cutting off everything heavy -- lifting, lightening, dismissing... like the cop dismissing that $240 ticket for that dumb No Turn on Red that was covered by the non-Mexican tree?

One can dream, she thinks as she pulls out her checkbook...


  1. Thanks, Roddie. I miss you and your stories. :) Come visit me soon and play some music!