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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why I Love My Roommates: Part 1 of 1,000,000

This is me and my roommates.

Well, this is me and my roommates if our faces were superimposed to Gossip Girl characters. We have a weekly ritual of opening a bottle of red, watching Gossip Girl, and then sitting in our 70's conversation pit and discussing the characters as if they are real people in our lives. Oh yeah, our house has a carpeted square pit that's 4 feet by 4 feet. The only thing missing is a hookah. Sometimes when I'm home by myself, I walk over and sit in it and say, "What do you think about life, Heather? 'nam? The Androgynous hippie look? The 18 minute gap in the tapes?"

My roommates are fantastic, and we like creating ridiculous traditions, even if they only last a week.

One time who-knows-when-ago, one of the roommates was having a bad day, and Vanessa reached up in the air with gnarled hands and said, "Hang in there by your pawwws!" We were all like, "WHAAA?" And she said, "You know, like the poster of the cat in every dentist office. Doesn't it say something like 'Hang in there by your pawwws'?"

The poster (and we've all seen it) says nothing about paws; therefore, it quickly became the cheer-up phrase of our household.

Well, back in March or so, Vanessa came home singing, "Mama said there'd be days like this..."

Her grandma had died, and her mom and dad were scheduled to go to Hawaii the week of the funeral. Her mom asked Vanessa to deal with rescheduling the plane reservations. Needless to say, Hawaiian Airlines was not in the "accommodating" category that evening. The details are boring and I would lose readers the way Hawaiian Airlines loses complaining customers by leaving them on hold until they give up. V was on the phone for hours, and everyone sent her to a new person, and nobody helped. I rarely see Vanessa cry, and that day, I came home and big alligator tears were waterfalling down her face. Well, just like GG, the other three roommates rallied. We made the next day "Vanessa Day". Megan printed up this poster for her bedroom:
And of course she made a caption underneath that read, "Hang in there by your paws!"

She also hung this pic on the front door with a caption that read, "We're sorry you're down..."
She hung this one in the bathroom. These were just two guys that climbed in our picture one night when we were out. But for V's Day, it was magically signed by them. It read, "Feel Better Soon. Love, The Cholos".

On her bedroom door (and it's still there today), Meg hung a pic of Vanessa's favorite "friend" who moved to China. He had a bubble caption that said, "I wish V was here to ride my motorcycle with me."
I brought home flowers and helium balloons, and at night, to celebrate Vanessa's dark humor amidst serious topics, we each wrote messages to V's grandma and set the balloons free to "sail up to heaven".

The best was Jamie, who printed up a RUHHH-diculously large poster of a Hawaiian Airlines, and then cut out four little karate men. After a good bottle of wine, we all played our own version of pin the tail on the donkey: "Karate Kick the Crotch of the Hawaiian Airlines Airplane." If you think I'm making this stuff up, here's some embarrassing footage to prove it:

This is just one day in the life of living with the greatest three girls in the universe.
You know you love me! X-O-X-O,
Gossip Girl


  1. It sounds like you are all great friends ... You all must have an amazing time together - Lots of memories :0)

  2. Sounds really sweet!!!! :D There is no wonder you love your roommates.. Have fun!

  3. Thanks, E.D. and Farishta. I feel very lucky to have them. :)