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Monday, September 7, 2009

What Happened?

If you haven't noticed this yet, I am a little bit impulsive and unpredictable. At times, a great asset in life, but it does have its down side. Example: As quick as I start a blog, I suddenly stop writing for no good reason. None. Just felt like NOT writing. So I didn't.

Today I did. And I've got nothing ridiculous going on, except maybe my consistency with absolutely ANYTHING in life!

I apologize for the dry month of August when it comes to my writing. I had three weeks left of summer, and I spent them in the dark cave of Coffee Bean attempting to write a paranormal teen novel. Once again, no reason for that. Just thought I'd try. I'd never written a paranormal teen novel. Have you?

Nothing like dead people mixed with overly dramatic sixteen year old love triangles. Ahhh, teen lit. There's nothing like it.

Anyway, why couldn't I blog AND write a novel? Multi-tasking is not one of my talents, as my beautiful 2008 RAV4 will tell you. It will say, "Hey, I no longer have air conditioning. Ask Heather why. She'll mumble something about text messaging in traffic and riding up on the trailer hitch of a suburban."
Usually the order of events in a fender-bender goes:
1. Look up
2. "Oh crap, I'm too close!"
3. Slam on brakes.
4. Hit car in front of you.

My order went:
1. Hit car in front of you.
2. Look up.
3. Slam on brakes.
4. "Oh crap, this is funny"

Who looks up AFTER they hit a car? The irony is that I am a no-texting-while-driving-Nazi. That day, I was bored. I felt like texting. So I did.

How did we get from teenage ghosts to my sweaty car?

And whatever happened to Africa?
I feel like I still have much to tell you about what went on while I was there, but gosh, how life continues.

Here's a great pic to remind you and me that Africa still has more in store for you
To think I was there a month ago, and this past weekend all I thought about was college football. USC's opening game was against San Jose State.

Useless Bar Trivia: Matt Barkley is the first true freshman to be named starting QB for USC.
Useless "Ridiculous Girl" Trivia: I heart Coach Pete Carroll.

First day of school is tomorrow, and so of course, I'm writing to all of you instead of planning curriculum.

Here's a preview of some upcoming adventures:


New York City Roommate Weekend!
Anything for a memory: "The Four Strands" (aka- the roommates) have signed up for the Gossip Girl 3 1/2 hour tour. It will most likely be the four of us on a bus with 50 thirteen-year-old girls. We are bringing alcohol.


Maryland Roommate Weekend!
Navy/Airforce Football game in Anapolis, Maryland. Hooray for Men in Uniform!

Vanessa/Heather Chicago Trip!
Notre Dame/USC football game at Notre Dame.

Oh, the stories to come...

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  1. oh heather. sometimes i wish i was your sounds like you have too much fun. =) enjoy the first day of school and enjoy your many roomate weekends. i am glad you are back, at least for a moment.