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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ridiculous Tennis!

So if you have the time to watch these videos, please do! At least watch the press conference in its entirety. That is priceless.

In the wide world of professional sports, there are many words exchanged between football players and refs, and baseball players and umpires... but tennis players and line judges?!!

Oh, Serena, you make me want to watch tennis every week.

This is the best in tennis that I've seen in quite some time. I was loving every moment.

If you missed that awesome quote, that would be Serena saying, "If I could, I would F*&!-ing take this ball and shove it down your F*&#-ing throat!"

I was on the floor laughing. And sure enough, the little tiny Asian woman scurried her scared little body up to the middle and said she felt threatened. Here's the footage of that:

But here's the best part. At the press conference afterwards, Serena was drilled for 7 minutes, and here are some of my favorite lines:
Interviewer: What did you say?
Serena: What did I say? What, you didn't hear?
Interviewer: Apparently she felt threatened
Serena: (incredulous) Who? She said she felt threatened?
Interviewer: Did you feel like you said anything that---
Serena: You heard her? She said this to you?
Serena: Well I've never been in a fight in my entire life, so I don't know why she'd feel threatened.
Interviewer: To what extent did the weather contribute to you losing your temper?
Serena: Whaaaat? That's like the craziest question I've ever heard.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed this a lot.

    Was Serena even at that match?
    "I don't know", " I wasn't there" and "I forget" seem to feature big in that interview!

    "there are so many things I can do on the court to do better"- well start with basic manners, Serena!