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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shakespeare Festival, Part 1

Just got back from a week visiting the parental units. I spent two days in Mesquite, Nevada with my mom and dad, and then drove up to Cedar City, Utah, with my mom to attend the Shakespeare Festival.

The parents are still together (40 years -- woohoo!) and here are four things I love about them:

1. My dad will read every teen novel I recommend. Notice his nightstand, and how all the books above his camping/fishing books are for the ages of 13-18:

2. My mom will show up to my pedicure appointment to remind me to drive slowly because the cops are out. The nail shop is located approximately one mile from their house. And I'm driving my dad's diesel powered pick-up truck, that goes from 0-60 in 3 minutes.

3. My dad will ask me, "When are you going to be home?" to which I will answer, "Probably in an hour. I just need to go write for a bit. I'll be back by noon."
Then he will call me at 11:48 to ask when I'm going to be home.
"Still the same time," I will answer.
"Sorry, but you weren't at the Starbucks when I went by."
"That Starbucks is closed."
"Well, I thought you might be lost."
"It's a town of 30,000 people, Dad!"
"You're still my little girl."

Seriously, the best dad ever.

4. At The Shakespeare Festival, my mom will actually sit on Shakespeare's lap, and call him "her man" to all the senior citizens walking by.

Oh, and notice how Dad is in this picture.

This was taken at the lovely Garden House Restaurant in Cedar City, Utah. I highly recommend the fish.
It's an old house converted into a restaurant.
So why is Dad in this picture if he did not attend the Shakespeare Festival with my mom and me? Oh, that would be because when my mom and I arrived, I opened the trunk, and said, "Uh, Mom, where's my suitcase?" Apparently, when we were packing the car and Dad asked me, "Where is your suitcase?" and I responded, "In my room," that was not code for "I'll get your suitcase if you tell me where it is." HAH. You have to understand that when you have a dad as ridiculously helpful as mine, you often make assumptions based not on your spoiledness, but rather on his autopilot kindness. We had a good laugh, and I enjoyed a shopping spree in WalMart (gotta love the Miley Cyrus collection), but Dad ended up driving my suitcase the 88 miles (please refer to the prefatory sentence involving his autopilot kindness). So I treated him to dinner, and then he drove back those 88 miles.

Seriously, best dad ever.

While we're on the subject of restaurants in Cedar City, Utah, I have two other recommendations.

1. If you travel up U-14 (towards Brianhead Ski Resort) from Main Street for about 2 miles, you will come to Rusty's Ranch House.
They're known for their ribs, but I recommend the coconut shrimp. Solid beer selection on tap. They have a very peculiar ambiance, or should I say a very peculiar "audience".
No, Mr. Large Antlers. I don't mind you watching me as I eat... you.

It's funny how much you change throughout the years. When I walked in the restaurant, I looked up and said, "Hello, Mr. Deer. I might eat you tonight." But in 7th grade, I wrote this poem. Best accompanied with some slow Celtic instrumental from iTunes:
Hold still; blend in
Don't move, or you'll be seen.
For my eyes see far,
and my hearing is keen.

Did they see me?
Quick, I've got to run.
What do they want from me?
Do they have a gun?

I only have a second,
For I cannot be late.
I mustn't tempt
The deadly hand of fate.

Hush! Hush! I hear a clicking sound.
Is it of a camera, or of a gun?
Do they just want a picture of a deer?
Or my antlers as a souvenir?

They have a blinded my eyes forever.
The eyes that once were kind.
I never did hurt them, for I can still see
That THEY were the ones that were blind.
Geez. Debby-Downer Eleven-year-old! How is it that I found THAT locked away in my brain this morning, and yet I can't remember where I put my car keys last night?

So back to the restaurant and away from my pre-teen PETA obsession...

Everywhere you turn at Rusty's, there are those guilty eyes, saying, "Go ahead. Keep eating. No big deal. I will just hang out on this wall."
And then you see the Daddy goat/Momma polar bear breed that you hope didn't make it into the menu.
Like I said, coconut shrimp. You can't go wrong and the restaurant doesn't have any of them watching you.

2. If you continue up the road for another three miles (5 miles from Main Street), you will come to another cabin restaurant tucked away in the mountains: Milt's Stage Stop.

You do need to make a few preparations before you go:
1. Don't eat all day. Then you can actually consume the amount they serve. Great food. Great salad bar. Great wine. Great weight gain to ensue.

Wait, I guess that's only one preparation. Whatever. Everything sounds better in lists.
And if you do come across these people...
Don't take their picture unless you want them to thank you with a half bottle of wine:
And be prepared not to disappoint them even if you've already ordered your own glass.

So to recap, the three best restaurants of Cedar City, Utah:
1. Garden House
2. Rusty's Ranch House
3. Milt's Stage Stop

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  1. Lovely post. Utah looks like a lovely place; I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit. I agree with you about the spookiness of eating something that's staring down at you.