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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Semicolon Song

While I'm in Africa, I'm having someone post my previously written articles to keep you entertained. :)

Here are my students singing to you about what to do with that darn semicolon.
"Mr. Semicolon Song"
There was a semicolon: a comma and a dot
he separated clauses that were independent thoughts.

An independent clause is one completed thought,

and two are separated with a comma and a dot.

Example one:

Ron hit John in the face
; (semicolon)
, John's face is blue and swollen.
Are you gettin' a clue?

Well, here's example two:

Ron says basketball is his favorite sport;
, he's really good for being so short.
Between the two clauses, in case you forgot,

is Mr. Semicolon
; yep, a comma and a dot.

Mr. Semicolon is also used between

a bunch of items listed that have commas in those things.

The last two lines of the song are slightly confusing so I usually write the following sentences on the board for examples of that rule. I apologize ahead of time for any possible offensiveness.
I do teach 17 and 18-year-olds.

(lists of people and their jobs)
The people at the meeting were I.P. Freely, toupe comber; Mike Rotchutches, deodorant tester; and Dan Issa Ho, carny worker.

(lists of cities and their states)
I can't wait to go on a wild vacation in Compton, California; Podunkville, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah.

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  1. I used this song in one of my classes
    thank you! Im studying English in Chile and this song was really useful!