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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Orphanages in Uganda

I've got ten minutes in an internet cafe to get this thing out and posted, so I apologize ahead of time for any spelling, grammatical, or lack of wit errors.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, we visited Sanyu Orphanage.

Like I said, Uganda is a mess, but you do what you can. This orphanage specializes in rescuing abandoned children ranging in age from less than one day old to three years old. A lot of times, wild dogs will lead the caregivers to the babies, often left in bushes, dumpsters, or swamp areas. The orphanage has a 50 child capacity, and it currently houses 47 little adorable tykes.
The lady explained this all to us, but I missed a lot of it through translation so check out their website:

Yes, she spoke perfectly good English, and at first I couldn’t get why I couldn’t get it. Then I noticed that Ugandan people place accents on different syllables that we do, and sometimes even add syllables. “Our” is two syllables when they speak it. So is “Sure”. Often times, they attach the last syllable of one word to the first syllable of the next word. And that totally made sense in my brain, but you are not in there (Thank God for you!) so basically, what I’m saying is that I had to watch her words rather than listen to them.

Things I discovered that day: I’m a lousy lip reader.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos. The photos will have to wait, as sending one of them (at this internet cafe) will cost me my sanity. Although this place is way understaffed: seven workers for 50 babies, those workers take amazing care of the little ones with hardly any funding. Many are locally and internationally adopted.

Take a look at these pics and tell me if you’re not instantly in love. If you could see the pics you would be instantly in love. Yes, me too. Not only are these adorable kids without parents, but they’re also living with full blown AIDS.

AidChild is an organization that was started by a kid named Nathaniel from Arizona who moved here with 3000 dollars in his pocket. Today, he has two orphanages, one with 90 kids, and the one we visited today with 38 kids. Please look up his site: We spent the day painting and playing. These children are given a fantastic education. They speak perfect English and create all their own textbooks. They LOVE to learn. Most of all you can tell that they are loved. They have been raised without ever feeling like they’re missing a family. This is their family and they love each other.

Please check out

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  1. This is awesome and amazing, Heather. Please keep posting. Also: we want pics!