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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Africa: In the "Middle"

The equator runs through only 10 countries in the world, and six of them are in Africa, so on the morning of our day with AidChild, we made one quick stop, and Abbey put her foot down.
Brooke just hung in the balance.

Paul was working on the PDA.

While on the equator, we stopped for some coffee and conversation at:

And here's the ridiculously cool thing about the equator:

Here we are a few feet NORTH of the equator. And wouldn't you know it? The water spins clockwise.

Here we are just a few feet away, but standing now SOUTH of the equator. Counter-clockwise. WHAAAT?

I never took physics in high school, because my school also offered Botany, and I heard you could get an "A" if you just bought two plants and kept them in the school green house. Here were my two options as an 11th grade irresponsible guy-a-holic: do a lot of mathematical equations and actually work at something... or... water your plants three times a week? Was there even a choice?

So, today, well beyond a decade after high school, I learned about something called the Coriolis Force. Better late than never for simple science skills!

And sure enough, directly on the equator, NO SPIN!

In case you're still like "WTF?" maybe this short YouTube video will help it make sense.

Cool, huh!


  1. Well, there is something that I didn't know - Amazing!

  2. Amazing, as Eternally Distracted has said too !

    I love those pics of you at the Equator - fab !

  3. I had no idea. That is so cool. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Okay, thank you all for making me feel smarter this morning. I thought everyone already knew this bit of info. Or at least we're all dumb together. Power in the masses!

  6. whoa! totally cool! and nice pics too!