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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello From London!

Sorry for the lack of pics. No hookups here.

Time is short because I am at the airport and this internet is eight million dollars every 10 minutes. Quick recap of the day:

We ran around London on three hours of sleep.
It was raining, and the rain was kind of romantic against the backdrop of the old stone buildings.

The queen was having a Garden Luncheon by invitation only, and it didn't look like much of a day for sun bonnets, but they wore them anyway as they stood in a very long queue (English for "line", I learned). Oh, and I don't know who "they" is, but they definitely had fancy yellow invitations and it was by invitation only.

We took a cab to Big Ben, and I asked the driver which side the gas pedal was on, and he was very amused. Apparently, the gas pedal is always on the right, no matter what country you're in.

He said, "That would be quite confusing if they switched that up, now wou'nt it, dearie?"
I told him switching sides of the road is quite more confusing than switching pedals, but he just cocked one eyebrow, probably thinking, "Oh, uneducated Americans!"

Speaking of a lack of education, once at Big Ben, I asked my team, "What's the history of this clock? Is it tied to parliament? Why is it a landmark? What can you tell me of Big Ben?"
Every person in our group could only agree on one truth about Big Ben:
Peter Pan flies around it.

Ohhhh, uneducated Americans...

I will look it up when I am back in America and it no longer costs me to learn (there's something ironic about that on the global scale, but it's just out of reach from my lack-of-sleep brain).
I do have one story, although it is not my own, it still makes me smile even now.

One of our team, Judy, was wearing headphones on the flight and trying to put herself to sleep with soothing music. She also sat next to a very disgruntled woman who kept setting her elbows heavily on the arm rest, which was pushing all sorts of buttons inadvertantly. Just as Judy would drop off to sleep, this lady's elbows would hammer the volume up and blast poor Judy practically out of her chair. And twice Judy's husband Steven woke her up to ask, "Why do you keep turning the reading light on? Come on, Judy, try to get some sleep."

Tonight we fly to Uganda (another 9 hour flight). We arrive in the morning, and will head straight to an orphanage. Pray that I don't fall asleep changing a diaper.

Pray that I don't change a diaper.

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