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Friday, July 24, 2009

Africa: Day One in London

Finally back in The States! After pulling an all-nighter with Abbey in London (more about that in a later post), I've been too exhausted to write anything. To give you a perfect example of just how tired I was, on the plane I was nodding off to the movie Anchorman. I know, impossible, right? I kept my earphones on, though, and I would hear lines like, "I wanna be on you," and laugh out loud, and then fall back asleep. My seat partner must have thought I was nuts, some passed out girl next to him giggling and snoring, giggling and snoring.

Let's post some pics! Here is Team Africa before we left, sans Brooke who met us in England because she lives in DC.

Fast forward to arriving in London. We spent a rainy day killing time.

Here we are on my first "tube" ride:

Brooke and I enjoy the blandest food I've ever eaten in my life. I'm not sure if cooks in England have discovered salt yet.

We took ourselves through the park along this trail:

I did not learn much about Princess Di on this walk, but I did learn that nobody in London steals lawn chairs. Do you think these would last five minutes at a park in Los Angeles?

Here's a gaggle of Brits in their summer dresses and umbrellas in line for the invitation-only Queen's Garden Party.

...while meanwhile the soldiers stayed dry in their boxes.

Here's a picture of Big Ben, which I finally read about this morning. It is the world's largest four-faced chiming clock. There's a larger clock in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but it doesn't chime. And it's in Milwaukee.

Everything's cooler in London, even clocks. Every now and then, people are allowed access with an escort up to the top, but there is no elevator, so they must climb 334 steps. It has no elevator because it was built in the 1850's, after the original tower was destroyed in a fire in 1834. Big Ben is actually the nickname for the clock, not the tower.

What else is cool? The English and their crazy styles of shoes:

Their toilets where you can flush and stretch at the same time:

Even their announcements are cooler. In the airport, they said, "Any luggage left alone will be promptly removed and DESTROYED." Such a great word. I envisioned dynamite sticks and wild German shepherds.

Their exit signs are cooler.

The lady in the bathroom sign is also cooler, as she is obviously standing above a leaf blower:
And while we're on the subject of bathrooms, check out this sign. Their vocabulary choices make everything sound cooler.
Lavatory. I have to use the lavatory. Doesn't it make going to the bathroom sound like such an intellectual experience?

Tomorrow I will take you visually through Day ONE of Africa. Can't wait! Catch you then...

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