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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Africa: Sanyu Orphanage

Our first stop was Sanyu Babies Orphanage in Kampala, an orphanage that cares primarily for abandoned children 1 day old to 4 years old.

Here is the view from the orphanage.

Here are some quick facts about the country of Uganda: This little boy is telling you to go to the site if you get a chance.

Most of the workers at Sanyu don’t have time off because there are way more children than paid workers and volunteers. Seven adults for 48 infants and toddlers. Sheesh! Imagine “Kate Plus Eight” minus the husband, nanny, and camera crew.

And while we’re at it, imagine caring for seven babies without disposable diapers. For that matter, Moms, imagine caring for ONE baby without disposable diapers.

Those of you Moms and Dads also know that there is no such thing as a day off; likewise, the paid staff members are working seven days a week. Therefore, our job was to play with the children and alleviate the workload of the staff for a day.

This is Jeami, and a smile that shows her deep love for anything with chubby cheeks.

Notice the trepidation in this kid's face:

"Phew! I made it!"
Yeah, check out the grade on that slide. She is standing UP! Not much of a slide as it is a free fall into hard-packed dirt death. So although the orphanage doesn't have the funds to make the best playground, the workers do place a great deal of heart and effort into rehabilitating these forgotten children.

Here is a picture of the rehabilitation of one of the boys, David. You may need to double click on this picture to see it bigger, but disregard the top row of Francis, Patrick, and Frida. Start at the bottom row under the word "David". That's what David looked like when they found him. Travel counter-clockwise with the pictures and you will see how he's improved. Beautiful, isn't he?
If you want to see more case studies, click on these four babies from Sanyu.

Here are some of my favorite pics:



Doesn't this sweet picture remind you of those ads to get you to help donate? Nose running, single tear streaming down the cheek. You think, Oh, sweet girl, why are you crying?
Little did you know that some of those pictures might just be a girl who was sad that she couldn't figure out a way to untie my USC Trojan hat from my backpack.

Paul lovingly teaches this child the most important English phrases to learn:

Good words to know.

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