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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World on Wheels

About a month ago now, roommate Meg had a birthday. Meg decided that she wanted to have a 70's roller skating party. Things we learned: roller rinks are not as popular as when we were little tykes and had a private room with hot dogs and cake. The only roller rink Meg found was in Venice. We thought, "Cool. Beachy. Fun." It wasn't until we were driving there mapping it on the iPhone that Megan blurted out, "Oh, wait. It's Venice BOULEVARD. Not Venice, the city." Venice Boulevard. As in Central Los Angeles. Ohhhhh, Meg.

But whatever. Give Meg's friends a reason to dress up and they will. Actually they probably would dress up even without a reason, and that is what makes them all so endearing. Here's some of the crew:

And yes, they were going out to a Hollywood club afterward.

Here is a pic of The Four Strands (aka the roommates):

Notice Vanessa and her attire. Her response? "You didn't tell me what century. You just said 'seventies'." Valid point, doc. So yes, Dr. Hernandez is sporting the 2270's look. I do hope none of her psychiatric patients ever find this blog.

The friends were very thorough in their get-ups. Notice the ring pop:

And her boyfriend, who we whisked straight out of the Dodgeball set just for Megan's birthday.

You wouldn't know by his sex appeal that Rob's actually a very analytically minded computer programmer genius. He's the guy in charge of our website:, a woman's guide to professional men's sports, which isn't doing much guiding at all these days until we revamp the design sometime this summer. In the meantime, you can bone up on your trivia knowledge and study my goofy articles on the history of basketball, the history of baseball, and the history of football. I bet you never knew these sports had such ridiculous beginnings!

Back to our night of seventies roller skating in downtown Los Angeles. From our ethnicity, to our talent, to our clothing, we fit right in. I mean, just look at the resemblance. This is how most of the skaters on the rink looked.

This is how we looked.

Here's their fancy footwork.

Here's our fancy footwork.

The back of his shirt says it all:

I did have quite a ridiculous moment that night, but you'll have to stay tuned tomorrow for that story. In the meantime, since we're on the subject of the seventies, this semester I taught a section on Nixon and Watergate since I was taking my 12th graders to see the play, Frost/Nixon.

In the beginning of the unit, I gave students a fun questionnaire on how much they knew of the seventies. Some of their answers cracked me up, so I thought I'd pass some of my favorites your way. I hope they make you smile. Remember to cut them a little slack: Even though they're seniors in high school, these kids weren't born in the seventies OR the eighties (sorry to date some of you).

"Flat forms"
"Alter Tops"
"Bail bottoms"
"Belt bottoms"
"Bell Mottoms"
"High Hills"
"parachute pants"

"Juice boxes" (they meant jukeboxes)
"Super Nintendo"
"Oversize Cell Phones"
"Rotary phones"

"I love Lucy"
"That 70's Show"

"Ronald Regan"
"Bush, the old one"
...mind you, only 4 students out of 80 named a correct 70's president. Most just wrote, "IDK"
One 12th grader asked, "Washington... was he in the late 1800's?"

"Babe Ruth"
"Dennis Rodman"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

I kid you not, a 12th grader asked me this one day: "You know how all the old movies were black and white? Were people black and white back then? Did the world look different? Like was everything black and white and now we see in color? I don't get how everything back then was black and white."

"World War II"

Another girl asked, (although her friends absolutely HAMMERED her for such a question), "Was slavery over by the seventies?"

Question of the day: What comes to mind when you think of the seventies?

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  1. you completely crack me up. i love that you had a 70's party. you have such rad friends. all of you had killer moves.