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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Subordinate Conjunctions

As an answer to many of your emails yesterday,
yes, I do have more grammar songs for your enjoyment at my expense.

As for the postings coming your way this week, I must forewarn you:

My songs are really ridiculous, but they do the trick: teach.

Yes, I've written the lyrics. No, not the tune. In fact, the tune of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" still has an unknown author since its debut in the 50s. Considering I wasn't in the womb yet, I can't take credit for being the anonymous genius of song and finger exercises.

My students asked if we could record the songs so they could practice at home.

This video was taken a little over a year ago. Not much has changed.
Well, my hair is a foot longer, and I have a whole new set of students, but they (the students, not my hair) are all this adorable.

Here are the words:

Subordinate conjunctions, I hate and I abhor
There's after, although, as, because, and before,
If, provided, since, and unless, until, and than.
There's whenever, wherever, and while, and where, and when.

Feel free to sing along! (There seems to be a bit of a glitch with the video/sound sync. I'll work on that in the next couple days.)

These guys are why I teach, and why I love what I do.
How can you not fall in love with these goofballs?


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  2. So I watched this video the day before I had my Grammar Mastery Test, and when I came to the clauses part, I started to sing this song in my head, which actually helped for 3 of the problems. This song is great!