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Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's learn about Denver!

Denver is exactly 5,280 feet above sea level; therefore, it's called the "Mile-High" City.

I got a sunburn one day, and then four hours later, there was a hail storm and a tornado warning. There's a saying in Denver that if you don't like the weather, then wait five minutes.

Or run into the women's bathroom:

Vanessa and I went running through the city and saw some gorgeous architecture:

We ran by the state capitol:

And we learned that Denver's politicians were not models in the nation's fight against obesity. They had ALL the parking spaces!
Exhibit A and B:

This statue was at the capitol with absolutely no sign.
I said, "Who is this?"
Vanessa said, "A man slaying a buffalo."
I said, "Or tickling it."

So when you see a buffalo that has writing on it, you must stop and read everything that it says.

Anyone still curious as to why it's all painted on a cow? And who's the girl? Maybe Indians used to use livestock the way we use flashcards. If you were here, would you climb on its back for a picture? Or would you feel bad that you were sitting on a lady's head? Oh, Denver... Between the weather and your cattle, you keep us guessing...

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