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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grammar Goofiness

In case you don’t know this about me, I write really stupid songs to help my students memorize grammar rules. They don’t ever pick up a textbook, but they’ll memorize any song. So… we compromise. ☺

Here are the lyrics, in case you need a refresher course on your grade school grammar:

T.H.E.Y.’ (apostrophe) R.E.
It’s for “they are” only.
If there’s a place you need to be,
Location’s T.H.E.R.E.
I’m over there,
You’re over where?
T.H.E.R.E. is where.
There is one, or
There are three.
Both are T.H.E.R.E.
It belongs to them:
Their house, their car
Possession’s T.H.E.I.R.


  1. nice. i know some adults that could take a lesson.

  2. I love you Heather. You are so great. I wish I was your student. I love this video. I get to see you in action!!!!

  3. Hey, AllyZabba, I read the article in Variety. That's so exciting! Your husband rocks. I don't even know what CTO means, but it sounds really fun. Like when you buy Southwest plane tickets, it should be in his name after a comma: Rob Bredow, CTO. I'd feel safe if our plane was going down.

  4. Love it. Love it. Love it.

    You are so good in the classroom:) Lucky kids.