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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day One of Summer

No more homework, no more books, no more students' dirty looks!

Welcome to summer, where for two months, I go through a sun and beach weather brainwashing period, and somehow forget by September, the ulcer that I practically get every time a 12th grader bawls and begs to get a D after only attending class for 1/2 of the semester.

The following list actually started a few days ago when one of my friends was telling an intense story and I ended with, "Thank you for sharing." She looked at me and we busted up laughing. "Oh gosh," I groaned. "It's a disease!"
"You are so a teacher," she said. Then I started thinking of all the things (never use "things" in an essay) that make me a stereotypical teacher. I never want to be defined by my work, and although I have quite a separate life, there are times when the hours of 7-3 invade the very core of me and there is no hope except to embrace it.

You know you're a teacher when:
1. Sleeping in for you is 7:30 AM.
2. You throw out perfectly good 3-ring binders just because you're sick of seeing them.
2. You're annoyed that you misused the colon in the first sentence of this list.
3. You correct your friends' text messages (alot, deffinately, awsome, and those are just from my friends in Texas. Hopefully that says more about Texas than my friends).
4. You check your hair for a writing utensil.
5. You get really stressed when your roommates switch seats at the dinner table.
6. Your books on "Good Reads" contain no protagonists over the age of 17.
7. You're thoroughly bothered that this list is going to stop at 8 instead of 10.
8. You really struggled whether to spell out the number eight in the previous sentence.

So today on my first day of the brainwashing process, I will read, write, work out, and then repeat the cycle until bedtime. That's my perfect day. What's yours? And do you have any "things" from work that invade your home time and make you a stereotypical
_____________ (insert your job here)?

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