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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Over-Saved, Over-Film-Schooled, and Over-Grammared

Two nights ago, I went to a comedy club and had the pleasure of hearing Michael Junior, one of my favorite comedians.

Here's his blurb on certain people who can be overly-religious.

Just like people can be "over-saved", people can be over-"anything". When I was in Film school, I noticed that going to movies with my "over-film-schooled" friends was miserable. I would hear them mumble, "Why'd they do an over-the-shoulder edit?"

Finding fault in a chick flick's camera cuts? Who does that?
The "over-film-schooled", that's who.

Oh, don't think you're free from this curse. Even I caught myself in this "over"-mire a few months back.

For instance, in the world of political-correctness, who laughs at homosexuality? The "over-grammared", that's who. It's true: I couldn't stop laughing at this sign I saw in Palm Springs.

I mean, are the homes gay? Or just the loans?

Just like I shake my head at people who make their dogs pray before meals and people who check for continuity errors if someone on screen is smoking a cigarette, I know that somewhere out there, there is someone saying, "Finding hilarity in misplaced modifiers? Who does that?"

Heather Buchta, that's who.

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