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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Houston Part Four


J.J. picked me up at 1:00 PM.

First stop: Lunch

Aww, it's the jr. high couple. Michelle Morgan Myers, who reads this blog, was there back when the 8th grade relationship started and ended -- all three weeks of it. Three weeks of sitting on the school bus together during the day, walking my dog together at night, and me watching him play tennis during lunch. It was really intense. Nowadays we're good friends with very different lives that seem to leave us with maybe (if we're lucky) one visit a year.

Second stop: Visit with Preston

Preston came to Austin once and we danced all night. Super cool cat. When I think of Texas, I think “Preston is Texas”. Maybe a bit crude, but his humor excuses him. Maybe missing a filter (but you love his honesty). And who really cares? He's so dang endearing, adorable, and sexy (platonically speaking), you can't help but love every bit of him.

He shared with me about his new girlfriend dilemma: she's cute and fun, but she has bad breath. Does he tell her? Or does he tough it out and breathe through his mouth? What do you think? Please comment below. I'm sure Preston would love to hear your advice.

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