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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roommates Weekend Getaway Part One

One of my roommates received a crazy-wild tax return this year. And by wild, I mean WIIIIIILD.

To quote Dirty Dancing,
“You’re wild.”
“What’s that, Baby?”

Granted, Vanessa has a million school bills and she supports a grip of causes, but even after all that, she decided to spend some of it on “The Four Strands” – the nickname for all of us roommates.

Last Friday (May 8), we drove to Palm Springs and checked into this hotel room.

Lucky us: we got the one hotel room without air conditioning, so we were upgraded to a suite. You can tell Vanessa and Jamie were pretty sad about that.

Friday night, our bellhop told us that we needed to visit the nightclub "Costas": the IT place to be on a Friday night. Here is the moment when we should have seen the RED FLAG:

Bellhop: Oh, this club will fit you girls perfectly.
Us: What’s the attire?
Bellhop: It’s definitely Business-Casual Semi-formal.

After a tip and a fair amount of awkward silence, he left, and we discussed the clothing options for “Business-Casual Semi-formal”. WTF?

Anyway, we improvised.

The night was hilarious, and if by “the IT place to be”, he meant cruise ship/high school prom/hotel lounge style club, then he nailed it.

We had a most interesting time... aside from the creepy guy who wanted to take many pictures with Megan.

Worst pick-up line of the night? A guy came up to me and said, “Are you a secret agent? I used to be a political assassin. As long as you stick around me tonight, I’ll stay in line. But if you leave my side… watch out! It’s up to you to keep me out of trouble.”

The two guys that were actually pretty cool ended up being from… you guessed it… Manhattan Beach. What are the odds?

We finally got Vanessa out on the dance floor...

In the New Yorker, they have that contest where they give you a cartoon and you guess what the dialogue should be. I think we should play that game with this picture. What is Manhattan Beach Boy whispering to Megan, and what is she thinking in her head?

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