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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Houston Part One


I arrived to Houston early afternoon, and so I asked the lady at the car rental, “What’s an ‘I have to go here while I’m in Houston’ place?”

“Museums or the Galleria Mall,” she suggested. I hit the Galleria first, and WOW, what a mall.

It was about 8 billion stories high (actually maybe only four, but still) and about three thousand miles long (aka about a mile).

#1 at the mall: I had no camera charger and my camera was DEAD.
Solution: First stop, Radio Shack

Problem #2: Charger = $50
Solution: Convince the guy selling it to you that he should run to his car and get his extra charger and sell it you for $20. DONE and DONE!

Problem #3: No place to charge battery
Solution: Convince the three girls working at the Payless store to use their plug while you try on every single pair of sunglasses in the store. Ask each of the girls their opinion on every single pair in order to give you as much “charge time” as humanly possible. Buy the $10 pair of sunglasses and be on your way with your fully charged camera.

Problem #4: Hunger
Solution: Eat at something that feels “Houston-ish” or “Country-ish”.
Well, close enough! I am trying to make myself have the stereotypical Texas experience: I'm only listening to country music in the car, I went to a cowboy hat store, and I'm calling men "sir". Question of the day: What is stereotypical "Texas" to you? Please comment below! I’d love to hear!

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