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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Houston Part Five

Third stop: The GYM of ALL GYMS.

Everything is BIG in Houston: Malls, trucks, gyms, waistlines.

The Rock Climbing Wall

Summary of the next two hours:
I kicked J.J.'s butt on some one-on-one soccer in an awesome indoor field

(okay, so I barely beat him but who's keeping track),

Shortly after, he schooled me in basketball... and "schooled" might be an understatement.

Fourth stop: Dinner

Sometimes there are people who have this effect. We talk like we’re good friends. We hang out like good friends. Everyone around us thinks we’ve been friends for years. Truth?

We’ve hung out twice since we were 13.
This weekend was number three.

As far as that question I keep getting, "And?..."
Let's just chalk it up to a ridiculously great day with a ridiculously great guy who is all about being "in the moment" during the ridiculously short amount of time we spend together. Back to reality. Our last words? "See you in a year or so!"

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