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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Classroom Conversation

I must preface this post by stating that 90% of my students are actually pretty smart, but it's the other 10% that make for great writing. I seriously love my job too, and I absolutely ADORE the high schoolers I get to hang with each day. But there are those times when I ask myself, "Did I really just have that conversation?"

Today many interesting conversations (as you will notice) left me speechless.

In fourth period:

Jen: Ms. B, I am going to do my speech on how to tie a necktie.
Me: Someone is already doing that speech.
Jen: I can't do anything else.
Me: So go home and learn something, and teach it to us tomorrow.
Jen: I don't have the internet.
Me: You don't need the internet.
Jen: How the heck am I supposed to learn how to do something without the internet?
Jen: That's what I thought. Just give me a fail already.

In fifth period:
Nichelle walked into my classroom (she comes to class maybe once a week)

Nichelle: You have our grades for the 15 week?
Me: No, not with me.
Nichelle: You know what I got?
Me: Actually, yeah, I do.
Nichelle: I got an 'F'?
Me: Yes, you definitely have an F.
Nichelle: Ms. B, that's fucked up.
Nichelle: See you know it's fucked up cuz you ain't even sayin anything.

Another conversation in fifth period:
This one's dedicated to Vanessa, my Phoenix roommate who had a bad day yesterday.
Hope this makes you smile...

Miguel: I went to Phoenix this weekend. That shit's far.
Keisha: You think THAT's far? You been to Arizona, Ms. B? Arizona's way farther than Phoenix.


  1. i seriously wish you had been my teacher. your class sounds like a riot!

  2. Why did you put "cuz" instead of "cause" when you were quoting Nichelle? Hahaha that's mean!!

  3. I love your blog. I am just giggling all the way through. This one is my faviorite.