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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday's Ridulousness

As you know, I teach in the inner city. This results in some very unfiltered classroom dialogue...such as today in 2nd period 12th grade English class:

ME: "So a character arc is the change that a character takes from the beginning to the end of the book. We don't want to see a character who is the same in the start, middle, and end. We want to see---"

CHRIS: "Brittney, will you please pull your tank top up, you have an overflowing of boobs going on, and I can't help but look over and then I look up and down and over again! Fuck, man, cover yo'self!"

BRITTNEY: "I AM covered! They just like that!"

ME: "Thank you, Chris. You have just made every male in the room look over at what you're talking about."


ME: "As I was saying, with a character arc, we want to see---"

CHRIS: "We seein lots of arcs in here if you know what I'm sayin!"

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