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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jr. High and Airplane Trips

I often make my life into a movie when it doesn't need to be. Last weekend, I bought a plane ticket to Houston to go visit my ex-boyfriend... from 8TH GRADE! I thought it might be a fun adventure. I've booked the hotel, called him up to let him know, and there ya have it!

Question: Am I into him? Hmm... Enough to hang out with him, yes. But probably not enough to warrant purchasing a $200 plane ticket.

I'm sure it appears to him that I am totally and completely into him, verging on "stalker"-ish, because honestly, who does that? This makes me laugh out loud at night when I'm in bed thinking about it.

And this brings me back to creating a movie out of my life.

Movies. I'm such a sucker for them. I love the parts where a man races through a subway terminal to catch "the one who got away", or everyone in the bar starts singing the same song on tune and completely unprompted, or... a girl hops on a plane to visit an old jr. high flame, just because you never know what might happen. Oh wait. That's me.

And that's me in eighth grade. Doesn't it just scream 90's? Watch out, Houston!


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