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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camping/River Rafting Part III

Real facts I learned:
1. Lizards are very black during this time of year because they’ve just shed their skin.
2. If a person suffers from hypothermia, you are to be very gentle when you touch them, and take their clothes off, put them in a sleeping bag, put the sleeping bag in a sleeping bag, put a sleeping bag pad under them, and then wrap everything in plastic (including the pad), keeping them laying down.
3. Or just call 911.
4. Rattlers can swim. We found one and helped it to shore.
5. Brenda is rad. It was her first time rafting, and even when she was trapped one moment being buried in water and refusing to let go of the boat, she was laughing the entire time. Rock star.

Scary m
oments of the day:
1. We almost accidentally went down a Class VI rapid, but Jay, being the stellar rafter that he is, yelled loudly enough that we actually took him seriously and paddled hard to escape.
2. Jay DID go down the Class VI with Connor, and Connor was eaten by the waterfall. The boat popped up minus Connor. He showed up down river about five seconds and 20 feet later, with a few bruised ribs and a smile from ear to ear. Crazy boys.

P.S. Five seconds is a long time not to see someone who is wearing a life jacket.
P.P.S. Reason #682 of why I would never date Jay: He refused my helmet when I begged him to wear it before he headed down the Class VI. Dumb dumb river boy.

I am sad that we left the camera in the car for part of the river. We never took pictures of the intense stuff. No proof of Connor’s brush with death down the VI.

On the road home, we made up way too many “Would you rather’s”, covering the full spectrum of shaving Chewbacca’s back to cutting off limbs for disease cures.

If I can see it as a scene in a movie, it qualifies as a great memory. ☺ This was a movie weekend.

Favorite movie quote:

“I admired her before I liked her.” –20 year-old Connor, speaking of his girlfriend.

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