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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camping/River Rafting Part II

Here's the crew:

We rafted a section of the river in the late morning, and then took out where the rafting companies took out. The companies were just doing repeat loops of the same small section. Right below, there was a section closed off to rafters, and below that, the companies assured us that the water levels were too low to be worth it.

Leave it to Jay to say, “Let’s do it anyway.”

So we drove to the lower area and hopped in. It was the best decision he made, almost making me forget about the time he bought a $20,000 timeshare with a girl he only dated for two months.

No one was on the river. Just us. And there was plenty of water to maneuver through the hairy parts… if you had a good guide. Jay got an A+. Even Connor jumped into the captain’s position and ran a few of the runs, making me wonder more than once if he had ever worked as a guide on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise.

It’s definitely fun to be with people who can be absolutely ridiculous while sober.

We made up names of all the runs.
The narrow squeeze between two boulders? “Thread the Needle”.
The wide runs with random sticks and rocks? “Pinball Madness”.
The blind right turn?
“Blind Right Turn”.

We made up names for all the wildlife, and stories for all the houses on the river that were washed away in the 2004 floods (there wasn’t a flood). Lone Pine was the name of the single pine tree on a barren hill, and nothing else grew on the hill since it was an ancient Indian burial ground. Above the hill stood a fat tree, named after the Indian girl from another tribe, Dances With the Antelope, who never got to date Lone Pine, since she was of the rival tribe (and she was fat).

There was only one time we remembered to video anything, and it was when we were goofing off between rapids:

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