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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camping/River Rafting Part I

Jay picked us up after Happy Hour.
And two hours later we were there. Actually four hours, because by two hours, Jay meant four. So this is where we were, but it was a bit darker since we left Happy Hour at 10:30 PM.
It's gorgeous up there. But pictures do not accurately show temperature.

Things that Jay might have mentioned:

#1. You will sleep in three sleeping bags and still stay up half the night checking your face to see if it has frozen off.
#2. In those moments, you will traverse between two thoughts: 1) Wow, these stars are amazing, and 2) I wonder why suicide is not more common among Eskimos.
#3. The following day, you will be rafting in snowmelt; hence, you will feel like you have buttsicles even in a wetsuit.
#4. Don’t worry, Heather. I will thaw out your frostbitten fingers with my mouth.

The camping was glorious. The five of us (Jay, Connor, Brenda, roommate Meg, and I) pulled into the campsite at about 2:30 AM. Camp wasn’t hard to set up since we never use tents. I mean really, what’s the point of sleeping in the wilderness if you’re going to hide yourself from it? Plus, one look at the stars and you can’t possibly look away.

When you read the creation story in the book of Genesis, God is so elaborate in what he creates, except for the stars. The stars seem like almost an afterthought: “He also created the stars” (Gen. 1:16b). That’s all you get for the description. Like he was saying, “Yeah, and how about I throw in six hundred gaseous spheres of awesomeness that you can see with your eyes, and about a hundred billion more just for good measure?” It’s hilariously ironic.

Meg and I were having a princess morning. Notice everyone packing up around us.

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